Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Episode #3 The Baiting Debate, News and Tips!

Joe discusses the debate over baiting for deer, the latest outdoor news, including the attempt to ban dove hunting, and a tip for archery season.
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Jay said...

great show, it's a shame the tree huggers don't understand about the dove hunts. I livced with all those hippies in ann arbor and it sucked.

If they only knew how stupid some deer are they'd take away our hunting rights on whitetails during the rut!! Keep the show going, it's nice to hear a unbiased opinon, and no ads for the huge corporations, just a honest opinion. Downloading the rest of the pod casts now. Thanks

David Adams said...

Great podcasts. I just found your site on Monday and have downloaded all of the shows to my MP3 player to listen to on my commute home. Virginia does not allow baiting but we do have a long dove season that is broken up into three segments.

Keep up the good work

David Adams
Virginia Shooting Sports Association President

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