Thursday, October 26, 2006

Episode #6 Your Calls, E-mail, and Tips!

This episode features listener calls for the first time! Joe discusses "canned hunts", outdoor news, and tips. Your e-mail rounds out the show.
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Anonymous said...

I just listened to your most recent cast, specifically, the part about "Fake" hunting TV shows. I am in 100% agreement with you about this topic...I too think they should show actual, undoctered hunting trips.

With that said, you must remember the whole reason they produce these TV shows is for money. The way they get money is through their sponsors, who, more than likely, sell hunting gear. If they were to show a hunt where no deer was harvested, it may reflect back upon their gear as being inadequate or defective. This would, in turn, reflect back to their sponsers as having lousy gear and they would lose them...and their money.

I think this is the main reason why we rarely see a hunt without a harvested animal. I wish it were different, but I am afraid its all about the money. Maybe the good word you put out will change some minds. I hope so.

Keep up the good work!

Joe Duckworth said...

Hi......... Thanks for listening!

I agree, it's all about the money, and that is the primary reason that the shows are the way they are. I just think we are not given the benifit of the doubt when it comes to deciding what will give them ratings. Can we honestly say that the same number of hunters wouldn't tune in to a show with the taking of a smaller racked deer in the "wild", than will sit and watch a kill on a big "tame" deer in a pen?
I hope I'm right on this, or we ARE in trouble.

Mark said...


Just listened to your podcast on the canned hunts and hunting videos. I have to agree with you, but with one exception. I have to say that out of all the hunting videos that I have watched the only one that seemed to be genuine would be the Dan Fitzgerald videos. They would harvest does as well a bucks (and average bucks at that as well as some wall hangers) and they would hunt public as well as private land. Not trying to give them a plug but just wanted to make note of it.

Keep up the great work!

Mark in RI

Anonymous said...

I was curious how you guys felt about tv shows that show fake kills. The reason being all the talk on about the macmillan river show on the nm elk hunt

Joe Duckworth said...

The footage you mention wasn't a "fake" kill. They actually killed the elk recovered on the show, legally and ethically. The problem was they substituted one elk "pre-shot" for the elk they actually shot at the time, because the camera man accidentally recorded over the impact shot.
This was their pilot show, and hadn't thought that all the way through. I talked to Keith about it at length, and he said that had he given it any thought at the time, they would never had aired that show. He did it because the outfitter would have been denied the publicity he deserved, and because almost every potential sponsor in the industry had seen the show and had no problem with it.
Keith admitted it was a mistake, and is moving on, as we all should.

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