Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why I Hunt (An Audio Essay)

Joe creates an audio essay describing the "lure of the hunt".
A fun extra to the regular episodes!
Click Here to Listen!!


Mark said...


Truly awesome essay. You captured the essence of the hunt and why we do what we do. You nailed it 110% my friend!

Hunt Safe,


Anonymous said...

Wow, If I could shake your hand I would.
There is no doubt in my mind, you have spent many a morning on stand.
Glad to see there is someone else who appreciates all the our maker has to offer.

Anonymous said...

That was about the most amazing audio essay I have ever heard. I felt like I was really out hunting. Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...


I know it's been a few months since this was out, but it is still appreciated. It's the thing I had 2 young future hunters listen to so they could have a true idea of what it's like to start a lifelong hobby such as this. Thank you!!

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