Saturday, July 14, 2007

Episode #37 Proposed OSHA Regulations, News and Tips!

download episode as .mp3
This week, Joe discusses the proposed O.S.H.A. regulations that would effectively DESTROY the retail firearms business. News and tips wrap things up.
This weeks links:
Real life Jurassic Park!
Not safe to go into the water?
One tough five year old


Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion...
It sounded like there was some kind of audio playing in the background while you were recording. It got louder near the end of the show. Very distracting. Just a FYI.
Peoria Heights, Illinois.

Joe Duckworth said...

I had to re-record it, and unfortunately, the time I was able to do it found me with four 10 year olds and a couple of teenagers in the house, lol.
Couldn't find a quiet spot if my life depended on it.

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