Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Episode #39 Outdoor Legend Babe Winkelman, News, and Tips!!

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Outdoor programming pioneer Babe Winkelman discuses his 30 year career. News and a listener inspired tip of the day from Steve Scott, Vice-President of The Whitetail Institute of North America.
This weeks links:
Pigeons on the pill!
The Bait Debate.
Here come the wolves.


Scott Lessard said...


I really enjoy your show. Your comments about how TV has somewhat replaced the father/son handing down of hunting skills really struck home. My father passed when I was five, but memories of antlers, scopes and other hunting evidence in the house suggest that he was a hunter. I'm now 38 years old and have been hunting for one year. Last year's dove, duck and turkey seasons were my first. Thank God for the special men who took time out to take me and teach me.

I am now completely hooked and anxiously await the beginning of the seasons in Texas (Sept 1 starts dove season).

The issue is that unless you have someone to take you, to show you how to hunt, to be safe, and how to clean your kill, it is nearly impossible and very intimidating to go it alone. Since I've done each of the above at least once, I'd be comfortable going with just my 13 year old on public hunting lands...but this keeps many other hunting opportunities from us, particularly deer and hog.

My request would be to have segment on beginning hunting and/or cleaning of kills...or, perhaps some references to where I can get the information I seek (online or otherwise).

Thanks for listening, and keep up the great work. I love your show and listen to every episode.


Tim said...

Scott, as one who came to the sport late in life, you hit the nail on the head. Thank God for those that step up to help bring new blood into the sport. I suggest you contact Mike Christensen at the Outdoor Mentors program, he does great work and can help you help others.


Scott Lessard said...

Thanks, Tim. I will definitely check it out.

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