Sunday, January 27, 2008

Episode #55 Grant Reeves from Dock Dogs, RMEF's Dale Miller

In this episode, Joe speaks to Grant Reeves from Dock Dogs, the fastest growing sporting event for your water dog. News, tips, and an update on elk from the RMEF's Dale Miller too!

This weeks links:
PETA scandal!
Timmy needs our help!
This catch is a real hummer!
Anti's infiltrate game commission?

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1 comment:

Mike Adams said...

Joe: As you began to tell the story of your son taking the dog for a walk, I had a feeling of where it was going. I am so sorry to hear about your families loss. It brought me back to my dog we lost a couple of years ago. I teared up as I remembered what my family and I went through. Tell Ben we are thinking of him as well as your family. Nothing can replace a loved pet, but we now have 3 brits that help fill that huge void. Hang in there!

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