Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Episode #21 The Jim Zumbo Aftermath

In this episode, Joe recounts the weekend events related to the Jim Zumbo blog, and describes his kids first ice fishing trip! A tip of the day to help you shoot better groups rounds out the show!
Click here to listen!
This weeks links:
Jim Zumbo "Terrorist" weapon comments.
Zumbo apologizes.
Ice Fishing at it's finest!


Tim said...

Joe, This has to be one of your best to date. Sorry you couldn't get JZ on. Hopefully he is considering it seriously.

Dillon Waltner said...

Thanks for making my commute more educational and more entertaining. This was the best episode yet...keep em coming!

Dillon Waltner said...

Since there are so many opinions on whether to use the rifle shot or not on your bumper, how about changing it up based on the episode content? Turkey season is gearing up, so maybe a gobble or some hen yelps for an episode about turkey hunting? How about a splash for a fishing episode? Make it a surprise and keep it fresh. Just a thought - it doesn't bother me one way or the other...

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