Friday, March 02, 2007

Episode #22 Turkey Season Interview, The Zumbo Mess, News, and Tips!

Joe discusses the current state of the Jim Zumbo wars, the latest in "other" outdoor news, and a great interview with Jonathan Harling from the NWTF!
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This Weeks Links!
Idaho Muzzleloader Ban
Anti Fishing?
Wolves as contraceptive
HR 1022 repeal of the 2nd amendment!
Jayne's got her gun!


Tim said...

Excellent interview with NWTF. Unity is a message we all better get and soon.

Anonymous said...

good show one of your best so far

Josh said...

Hey Joe, great show as always. I can't agree with you more about the role Ted Nugent plays on our behalf as outdoormen, shooters, etc. I just wish that other people would see it the same way. You are right on track with the idea of unity that all of us need to achieve, whether we are shooters, hunters, gun collectors, or whatever. Keep up the good work!

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