Saturday, March 10, 2007

Episode #23 Spring is Here, News and Tips!

In this episode, spring is in the air! With great fishing to be had in many rivers and streams, a fly fishing how-to is a great way to get in the spirit! Great news this week rounds out the show!
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This Weeks Links:
D.C. Gun Ban Toast!
Surface to air moose!
Elk hunt still in the air.
Careful who you ride with!


Tim said...

Another excellent show. Great disertation on the Appeals court ruling and the fly fishing was great to get more info on.

Daniel said...

Really enjoyable this time around. Liked, in particular the piece about TR National Park. I'm from Western North Dakota and this is a big deal to us out here. Easily 99% of the people locally support a hunt in the park.

That's the thing with the antis, doesn't matter if it's reasonable, inexpensive, more humane or part of the indigenous culture within a particular area. They see "park" and that means "no human hunting or agriculture". And THAT means to them: "pure". What they don't realize is that WE, as hunters and human beings, are a part of the system also, both as predators and tenders of the ecology of the land.

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